Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

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Commercial Aircon Installation

At Gold Class Air, we understand the importance of reliable air conditioning in the workplace. Whether it’s keeping data storage rooms at a set temperature or providing a comfortable working environment for your business or office space. We also understand that safety and environmental awareness is extremely important in carrying out any work in the commercial area.

We Design and Install!

Our staff will give the finest solution for your available commercial space, including complete design, renovation, and new commercial air conditioning installation in Sydney to ensure comfort and productivity. Our extensive expertise and experience in the industry give our clients peace of mind and assurance that our job is of the most extraordinary professionalism and quality.

Gold Class Air strives to provide a quick turnaround on our commercial repairs to keep your business running. Our commercial services are available to:

  • Offices
  • High rise buildings
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Strata Blocks
  • Clubs
  • Bars

Some of the Commercial Aircon Systems We Work on But Not Limited To:

  • Packaged units
  • Chiller units
  • Pumps
  • Motors
  • VRV/VRF systems
  • Central plant equipment
  • Heat exchangers
  • Controls
  • Air balancing
  • Building management systems (BMS)
  • Mechanical pipe ups and valves

Our Commercial Air Conditioning Installation Solution's

Ducted Air Conditioning Installations

Ducted air conditioning installations can be custom-designed and installed to meet your commercial property’s specific demands. Using ducted air conditioning, individual rooms can be “zoned” to maximise energy efficiency. Ductless systems provide year-round comfort with just the controller, return air, and discharge grilles visible within your commercial property.

Split Systems Air Conditioners Installations

Split systems are one of the most adaptable, clean, quiet, and cost-effective types of air conditioning. The indoor unit is whisper-quiet, incredibly efficient, and simple to use and may be mounted on the wall, floor, or affixed to the ceiling. Split system air conditioner installations are perfect if you have a small office, retail store or another single-room commercial space requiring cooling or heating.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Installations

Reverse cycle air conditioning produces both cool and warm air from one system, with an interior unit in the roof and an outdoor unit. This is accomplished by inverting the refrigeration cycle, allowing the system to heat in the winter and cool in the summer, resulting in a thoroughly efficient, adaptive, and versatile system.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation Warranty

All air conditioner brands we support come with five-year manufacturers and Gold Class Air installation warranty.

How Much Does Commercial Aircon Installation Cost?

Commercial air conditioning installations are generally massive systems that cover many areas. As a result, they are costly to install and require a lot of energy to run. Several factors dictate the pricing of a commercial air conditioning installation, including:

  • The specific size and kind of unit – do you want a split system aircon installation or a ducted air conditioning installation?
  • The quantity of wiring, plumbing, and ducting required.
  • Brand.
  • Size of your property and the number of occupants.
  • The zone set up, as the more zones added, the higher the system will cost.
  • Kilowatt capacity.
  • Inverter or non-inverter technology.
  • And other factors, aircon installation is not a one-size-fits-all answer, so it’s always a good idea to prepare ahead.

Due to the increased size, commercial air conditioning is expensive to run. To figure out how much it costs to run, consider these figures:

  1. Look for the unit’s kilowatt use per hour, or kWh.
  2. Locate a recent energy bill that shows how much you pay per kWh for electricity.
  3. Add the two values together to obtain a rough idea of how much ducting could cost per hour.


What is involved in a commercial air conditioning installation?

At Gold Class Air we provide commercial air conditioning installation for all commercial areas such as cafes, restaurants, warehouses, offices, clubs, bars and more. For a commercial air conditioning installation our team work on a range of commercial aircon systems including heat exchangers, motors, packaged units, chiller units, pumps, controls, air balancing, VRV/VRF systems, building management systems, central plant equipment and mechanical pipe ups and valves.